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Penalty and reminder notice

Act now to avoid extra costs. It is an offence to provide false information.

If you receive a penalty notice you must choose from the following options:

penalty notices

Use myPenalty to:

  • view details of your penalty notice
  • view images of camera detected speeding, traffic, and in some cases parking, offences
  • check the status of your penalty notice
  • register your mobile or email address, to receive payment confirmations and reminder messages and avoid late fees
  • receive information about the specific options available for your penalty
  • confirm we received your request for review, request to go to court or nomination
  • obtain a BPAY payment reference number.

If you do not pay or finalise your penalty notice by the due date, we will send you a penalty reminder notice giving you a further 28 days to pay or finalise the fine.

If you do not pay or finalise the fine by the due date on the penalty reminder notice, we will begin enforcement action by issuing an enforcement order. The enforcement order will have an additional $65 fee applied and if the enforcement order remains unpaid by the due date, further costs may be added.

Examples of penalty and reminder notices

Last updated: 22 February 2016