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Request an exemption

Request an exemption

If you are a Concession cardholder, you may still receive an Unpaid Ambulance Fee Notice requesting payment for an ambulance service. This occurs if the concession or other card details were not recorded at the time the services were provided.

If you hold a Health Care Concession Card, Pensioner Concession Card, Department of Veterans Affairs Card or a Commonwealth Seniors Health Card, you will be required to provide your Concession Card Number to State Debt Recovery. This can be done by calling us.

Concession cardholders are not exempt for the following services:

  • transport back to home state for non-medical reasons
  • non-emergency ambulance services.

You can request a review of your Unpaid Ambulance Fee Notice if you believe an error has been made or you wish to seek leniency because there were special circumstances that need to be taken into consideration.

The Ambulance Service of NSW is committed to working with patients who are experiencing hardship, whether financial or non-financial. Patients who are identified as experiencing some form of hardship will be protected from further enforcement action while consideration of their circumstance is in progress.

You can request a review by calling us.

Note: all requests for review are referred to the Ambulance Service of NSW. We must receive your request by the due date on the Ambulance Debt Notice or Unpaid Ambulance Fee Notice.

Last updated: 07 October 2015